Saturday, 14 May 2011

The shady corner

Back in my post of October 31st, 2010 I recorded planting  Enkianthus perulatus, and photographed its vibrant fall colours. It has now decked itself in spring green and a sprinkling of little white bells adorns its branches.

They look a bit like the clusters of bloom on the common Pieris, but viewed in close up are more delicate, less waxy.

An even closer image shows that ants like these flowers too. I didn't realize they were there until I looked closely at the photograph. Now I'm wondering if they are the pollinators of choice for this plant; the opening does not seem large enough for a bee, and it blooms too early for butterflies and moths.

Underneath, Beesia alternifolia is making a fine show. It appears to have doubled in size compared with my October photograph.This must truly be one of the best new foliage plants to become available, both for elegant leaf shape and subtle colouring.

Just in front of it, I've  planted a deep purple hellebore. I do hope that in future years it will hold those flowers higher above the fresh foliage.

 On the other side of the front yard, I planted a batch of 'Queen of Night' tulips, which are also in flower. There's nothing else in their vicinity yet except some emerging phlox foliage in the background, so they look a bit orphaned. By next year I hope they'll have more companions.

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