Thursday, 22 September 2011

Australian chook

 Our corrugated tin rooster, bought in Bendigo, Australia, has found a home on the new fence.

It is in a strategic location visible from inside the house framed by one of the basement windows. There is just enough space below the fence for a plant to grow up beneath it, although I haven't yet decided what that plant will be.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Kitchen complete

At last the kitchen is done. All the appliances are installed, as well as the missing cabinet doors. It's a far cry from the room as we saw it on our first visit to the house, when it looked like this:

The first thing we did was take down the unnecessary curtains. Not long after we put in new light fixtures, but the rest remained as is until we had completed the changes to the exterior. In a couple of months it has gone from this:

to this:


All that now remains is to finish painting the walls and trim (I'm still dithering over the exact colour of yellow for the former) and to repair the chimney (we are looking for one of those old-fashioned circular caps for where the stovepipe was attached; they are hard to find.)