Thursday, 26 May 2011

Plant progress

Out in the front yard, a couple of little vignettes are giving us pleasure right now.

One is Salix nakamura var. yezoalpina (sorry, but it doesn't have a common name). What I like about this little willow is that it looks like a bonsai, but in fact this is how it grows naturally - no human intervention required. I also like its ability to be decorative in all seasons. In fall, when its leaves turn yellow, and in winter when the shape of the bare branches is most visible, I will be photographing it again.

On the other side of the front path is a clump of 'Queen of Night' tulips with a single taller white one for contrast.

It looks better from other angles, but for a photo this is the only perspective with a  background against which the black tulips are visible.
I actually planted these bulbs here to mark and protect a tiny variegated dogwood, so that I didn't accidentally step on it before it leafed out. Its slightly curly leaves are just visible now through the tulip foliage.

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