Sunday, 9 May 2010

Progress Inside Too

While the gutters were going on outside, the fir floors in the principal rooms were being sanded and refinished.
Here's the living room before sanding...

and after two coats of polish.

The hallway also got the treatment...

and so did the room which will become Michael's studio

The interesting issue here was that the dark stain was covering a burnt patch in the middle of the room. It is still visible, but will be covered by a dropcloth when Michael moves in.

The New Roof Goes On

After a day or two of showers, during which our house lived under a tarp,

the last of the old roof came off and the huge bin full of all the old shingles was hauled away.

The weather cleared and the new roof began to be laid,

and the house immediately took on a brighter and cleaner appearance.

No sooner was that complete than a crew arrived to install the new black gutters and downpipes. We chose black because it will not show the mould and dirt that are inevitable consequences of Vancouver's weather. It will also match the eventual colour of the window sashes.