Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Success with vegetables

Our new vegetable patch has begun to be productive, with green onions, peas, beans and broccoli all demanding to be harvested.

The raised beds are proving very successful.

 You can almost see that patch of corn at the back getting taller every day.

In fact, since I took these photos the beans have sprung up the fence and are waving above the top rail, and the lettuce-leaf basil has finally decided that it is hot enough to begin to grow. Only our second crop of lettuce has stalled in the heat and may have to be replanted when the temperature drops back to our normal cool.

The view from my desk into the back garden has changed in two years from this

to this:

Of course, there's still a lot to do. That patch of grass on the left has to be turned into more garden beds, and there is still quite a bit of brown earth elsewhere waiting for the right plants to cover it. However, brown earth itself is a great improvement over buttercups and other weeds that were providing much of the green in the early photo.


Sarah-Jane said...

Wow! The veggies look fantastic! We're so envious! And the garden looks great too. Thanks for taking a long shot so I can see more of the nifty things you've planted and how they've grown. It really does look brilliant and it's highly inspiring for me to see how you've taken a blank canvas and coaxed it into such a cool and complex little garden. I need to try and apply some of those ideas to my attempts at a garden down here.

Christine Allen said...

Wait until I take a photo of the beans – they have leaped up the fence and are producing so fast it's hard to keep up. They are an old variety called 'Blue Lake'.