Tuesday, 21 August 2012

August observations

We are three weeks into August already and 'Betty Corning' on the back fence is only just losing its flowers.

I took this photo two weeks ago, amazed that it was still blooming since it's been going strong for almost three months. It's not easy to photograph the whole vine as my automatic camera tends to focus anywhere but on the right spot. However, it's great for a close-up:

 This is a fragrant clematis which is one reason I chose it for a location by the back steps where we are always coming and going. I had not, however, expected it to have such a long flowering season.
 On the other side of the steps are two blueberry bushes and, on the right, the flowering currant I recently moved from lower in the garden to this prominent position, where I hope it will be more visible to any passing hummingbird.

Since the photo, the currant has objected to the midsummer move by turning brown, but I didn't want to move it in winter when it is preparing to flower. It's a tough plant and will survive.
The fence behind the bushes is host to another clematis, 'Huldine', which is just coming into flower as 'Betty' fades:

There are only two of these exquisite pearly-white flowers so far, but many buds yet to open.
 Two non-clinging species clematis have also been adding to the garden:

Clematis integrifolia


                                                                  Clematis recta

The former sprawls around the feet of 'Huldine', while the latter decorates one pillar of the back porch with a little discreet help from garden twine.
All of these clematis are herbaceous and can be tidied up at the end of the year by cutting down to a foot or so of hardly noticeable twigs.


Kaan said...

That is a great photo of the white clemetis - that is a very pretty flower!

Christine Allen said...

Thanks, Kaan. Soon I'll add a photo of the underside of this flower. It's surprisingly different.