Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Grand Folly

This project needed a change of name. Eastside Eden was proving to be a sentimental indulgence. Besides, my daughter never liked the title - and I always listen to my daughter!

Grand Folly is a more accurate description: it references our neighbourhood, which goes by the name of Grandview; and it is indeed a folly as we remind ourselves daily while slaving away at making it into our vision of a home.

Eventually, the title may change again - to Grand Cottage which is what our friend Jim dubbed it at first sight. But there is much still to be done before it truly deserves that name.


SJ said...

Always listen to your daughter, eh? That's what I like to hear! :) The old name was okay, but I like the new one better! But that's only my 2c. I have been known to be wrong before (quite frequently in fact!).

Christine Allen said...

Nice to know someone is reading this - even a frequently-wrong person:)

marlene said...

Welcome back. Have extra roses and perennials if you need any. There is a Ghislaine de Feligonde (3 gal pot) looking for a good home.