Monday, 9 August 2010


If you've ever bought a sheet of plywood, you'll know that G1S stands for Good One Side, ie. a board with one finished side and the other left rough. That's the house right now, with the east side finished and the other sides almost all at the primer stage. We make progress daily, though slower during the last couple of rainy days. Still, the good side is a great encouragement to spur on the task of getting the whole house to look that way.Only a couple of months ago it looked like this:

And now it looks like this:

We have restored the original window openings which became visible as soon as the stucco was removed. The replacements are double-hung windows which look similar to the originals, but are double-glazed. They also have that wonderful modern mechanism that allows you to tilt them inwards for cleaning the outside of the panes. We don't really need this on the lower set, but it's going to be very handy for the upper ones.

Even as I write, Michael is putting primer on the back of the house. The west side is already primed and as soon as the rain goes away, supposedly tomorrow, we will start on the first coat of red for it. The west wall is the longest, with only two windows in it. It's also the most difficult to use a ladder on because of the proximity of the house next door. At least it doesn't have as many downpipes to work around.

Only the front porch ceiling and house wall below it now remain to be scraped and sanded, as you can see in the photo.

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