Thursday, 3 June 2010

More Progress

I've mentioned the new ensuite bathroom. Here's the shower, just installed.

We chose this model because it fitted most neatly into the available space. We were also worried about getting it up the narrow stairs, but hoped that, as the base came separately from the walls, it stood a reasonable chance of success.  As it happened, the wall section only made it up the stairs with one of the walls angled over the wrong side of the banister, and just squeezed through the landing after the casing around our bedroom door was removed. This was great good fortune, because we had no Plan B.

Downstairs we still had no furniture, but we did have a phone and a wifi connection.
Here's Kaan looking quite at home with my laptop and the floor.

Another purchase was a flat-screen HD TV. (Well, if you have to get one, you may as well invest in the latest technology. Besides, we have a habit of keeping our TVs for about 15 years, by which time this one will a) have paid itself off, and b) be a dinosaur.
It is of relatively modest size compared with most on the market. We felt very modern with a TV our only furniture.

 The living room has also had a coat of paint, a warm caramel colour called Sisal, which is going to look great with our deep red carpet and our cane furniture.

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