Friday, 27 November 2009

Journey's End: Tannachie to Glenbrook

November 25

We had a farewell coffee with Piers and Patricia in Orange, before going on our way. First stop was a car wash so that we could return the van to its owners in sparkling condition.
Thanks to a leak in the radiator hose, it was a slow journey from then on, as we had to stop every 50 km or so to replenish the water supply. Nevertheless, we were grateful that everything had held up so well until this, the last day of our travels. We limped into John and Susan's in Glenbrook, and the van seemed happy to be home after its 12,000 km journey with us at the wheel.

After a delightful evening with them, we got up the following morning, reclaimed our little Echo, stuffed it with our belongings and cruised down into the Sydney suburb of Turramurra to a great welcome from my sister and her family.

So ends one great adventure. Who knows what is next for us.

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