Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Aireys Inlet to Melbourne

November 14

As always, we were woken by the birds. Sometimes it's been the squawking of cockatoos and lorikeets, sometimes the cheeping of honeyeaters and wrens. This morning it was the carolling of magpies and an occasional cockatoo. When I looked outside, I saw a cockatoo and a magpie squaring off over some birdseed someone had scattered. The cockatoo won the day with much flapping of wings and fanning of his yellow crest. Unfortunately I could not get my camera out in time to catch this display, and only captured the victor tucking in, while the disgruntled magpie sloped off in search of other spoils.

We drove up the hill to admire Aireys Inlet's fine old lighthouse, before setting off for Melbourne.

From the lighthouse, we had a final view of one more lovely rocky islet.

We stopped for lunch at Torquay which bills itself as "Australia's finest surf beach." Oh really? It certainly didn't look it on this particular day, unless the number of hopeful boardriders was what counted.

There were certainly lots of them but not much in the way of waves at all.

After that it was full speed ahead for Melbourne and my cousin Chris's 50th birthday party. This was a great way to wrap up the day with much drinking of champagne and general wellbeing. Afterwards, we went on to a North Melbourne eatery with some of my cousins, ending up at cousin Cathy's townhouse, just around the corner, for the night

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