Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Vancouver in June

You always take a risk with the weather, visiting Vancouver in June, but I didn't really expect only one (1) sunny day out of fourteen. Still, it didn't actually rain much, even though the skies were cloudy and the temperature so low that I never got to wear the shorts I had optimistically packed.
And besides, the highlights were the times we spent with family and friends.

Visiting my brother-in-law at work gave me an opportunity to photograph the city from a bird's eye point of view, including:

The beautiful terracotta icing on the Marine building -

and its frieze of seahorses -

Downtown landscaping from above -

And the preparations for a green roof on a new waterfront project -

The last day of my visit was the one sunny day,and also, by good fortune, the weekend of the Vancouver Open Garden Scheme, so my good friend Sally and I went to have a look.

Water features, small and large, were popular elements:

A mirror on the far side of one pond gave me the opportunity to snap Sally and me together.

I particularly liked the hot tropical effects in this small garden:

And the thoughtful groupings of colour and form on this much grander estate:

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