Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Winter Solstice

And it's brutally cold here in the mountains. Daytime temperatures are no more than a degree above the night-time ones of 3° or 4°C. We haven't yet got our house in order - no curtains on the windows, for instance, so it's hard to keep the interior warm. The Australian defiance of the fact that they have a winter at all doesn't help either. Windows are single-glazed, construction design and materials don't include insulation, and heating systems are not as advanced as they are in Canada with its longer winter. My favourite accessories right now are a pair of Peruvian-patterned woolly socks, knitted by Kathy Wilson, late of Langley, in a combination of wool from our sheep and fleece from her llamas.

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Anonymous said...

Hello I am Betty MacPhees daughter she told me she had bought many of her roses from you. She sent me your blog. I have just moved to Australia for a year and i am also finding the inside of our house freezing something i was not expecting. Im also glad to have my lambie slippers!! Hope it warms up inside soon...,Nic Macphee