Monday, 4 June 2007

Educational options

In yesterday's mail came a brochure for the local TAFE (Technical and Further Education) institute. Oh goody, she thinks, maybe I'll take a course in Australian politics or pick up another language.
They are all courses for industry, inviting me to sign up for Driving a Mobile Crane over 20 tonnes (cost: $1885) or perhaps Bushfire Protection Sprinkler Systems ($850). I'm not really tempted by Coffee Preparation ($199) or Safe Working at Heights ($215) or Brazilian Waxing ($135). And Gel Nail Enhancement ($168) is a post trade course so I'm not eligible.

But wait! There's a listing for Horticulture. Maybe this will be for me?

Two courses are offered:

One is Chainsaw Operations (Level 1).

The other is Chainsaw Operations (Level 2).


I think I'll settle for Vegetable Carving ($440).

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