Sunday, 18 February 2007

Sugar, Sugar everywhere

What is it with Australians and sugar ? A Queensland sugar cane crop that they have to use up, perhaps? Whatever the reason, sugar seems to be an essential ingredient of so many staples. Mayonnaise, for instance. I have combed the supermarket shelves to find one without it, but the best I could come up with was one containing honey instead. At the local food co-op, which specialises in organic and health food, I found fat-free mayonnaise, no-egg mayonnaise and non-dairy (soy) mayonnaise, but no sugarless mayonnaise. Guess I'll have to go back to making my own, easy enough but expensive as I'll have to buy a food processor first.
It's the same with peanut butter. Unsalted? Several choices, in both smooth and chunky. Reduced fat content? No problem. Sugar-free? Sorry, that would be un-Australian!
At least someone has seen the light when it comes to fruit juice. Twenty years ago, you couldn't get that either without added sugar, but now there seems to be a number of brands offering pure juice. Perhaps if I wait another generation, the other products will follow suit.


Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, from soggy South Surrey! I've made my mayonnaise for years with one of those immersion blenders. Fast, and you don't have to scrape it out of the food processor. I use a whole egg, and make it right in the container. Cheaper than the food processor too.
Your place sounds wonderful!

alex said...

As a Canadian, I too struggled for 2-3 years to find a store-bought mayo in Australia. Finally came across "BESTS" mayo - it is imported. At first it was only available in a few deli's in Sydney but is now stocked at most Coles. It sells out quickly so if you see it and want to try it buy a few jars. Of course, there is always Hellman's..which is also occasionally available at Coles but not as good as Bests.

Now, if only I could find Graham Crackers ???

Christine Allen said...

Thanks Alex. I've discovered Best's mayo, which is imported from Canada, no less, but if you check the list of ingredients, sugar is right in there with the rest. I'm using it for now, as it's certainly an improvement over the rest in flavour, but I think I'll take Mary's suggestion and look for a cheapy immersion blender to make my own.