Wednesday, 14 February 2007

The Perfect Present

A bit late for Christmas now, but I saw this ad in a newspaper supplement in December and thought my gardening friends in Vancouver would be interested in an opportunity to buy their own little Wollemi pine, complete with little red pot, a certificate of authenticity, and instructions on care. I believe National Geographic is in charge of marketing it in North America. My friend Carolyn Jones, Director of the Miller garden in Seattle, tells me she has ordered and received a specimen. I believe Cindy Sayre at VanDusen is acquiring one as well.
I bought one in a local shop to give to my sister as a birthday present. Cost: AU$60 (about C$55). Once I have my garden here in hand, I'll get one too. Wollemi National Park is not far from where we are living so it should have a good chance of success. I imagine it will survive in the Vancouver area, as the valley where it was discovered is in a part of the Blue Mountains that is cold enough to get occasional snow. According to the care instructions, it can be kept in a pot which will restrict its growth. Planted in the garden it will grow into a sizeable tree.
It was good fortune that the original trees were discovered when they were, as the area was ravaged by bushfires in December, although I've seen no confirmation in the newspapers as to whether the particular valley where they grow was affected.

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