Sunday, 25 June 2017

Goodbye to Grass

This is the year that Michael decided his June project would be to convert our sidewalk strip of grass to raised beds and pavers. He took it slowly, a little on every dry day but it seemed to me that progress was quite swift.

He began by replacing the grass along the curb with some zigzag pavers we'd acquired.

Then he measured the dimensions of the beds and outlined them with landscape ties. 

We didn't have enough zigzag bricks to do all of the paving so we bought some square pavers from a local supplier to create the rest of the paths.

Once the beds were ready, I started to move some of the overflow from the garden into the new quarters. In fall, when they will cope better with the move, I'll add some more plants that I no longer want in their original positions. Meanwhile, we're putting our lawnmower in the annual neighbourhood garage sale.


SJ said...

Nice paving! And I noticed the nice moggie too - a very decorative addition ;)

Christine Allen said...

Thanks. I didn't even notice the cat until you mentioned it. She's a friendly little thing, but I wish she didn't treat my garden as her litter box.