Thursday, 20 February 2014

At Last, a Few Signs of Spring

A little sunshine and a slightly warmer temperature is bringing all the early bulbs into flower. Snowdrops, all gifts from friends, are coming up through last year's fallen leaves,

The first slightly battered blooms have opened on a clump of the little netted iris (Iris reticulata),

and on winter aconites. Both have suffered from wind and rain, but splatters of dirt don't diminish their charm.

Snow crocus are all showing colour, and some are even opening when the sun hits them, which isn't as often as I'd like. At least with 'Gipsy Girl', you get the added bonus of the stripes on the underside of the petals when the flower is closed. When it's open, you get the solid gold interior - bright and cheerful but not quite as interesting.

The early spring hellebores are beginning to flower, too. They aren't making much of a display yet, especially the dark-coloured ones that blend into the bare earth beneath,

 but if I get down on hands and knees and shove the camera under the drooping blooms, I get a good view of how pretty they are.

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Sarah-Jane Allen said...

Lovely to see all these signs of spring! And that iris is indeed very pretty - I'll have to find a few for my garden.