Monday, 6 January 2014

Last Gasp of 2013

December brought sharp morning frosts that sparkled on the few remaining flowers, fruits and foliage.

Sedum 'Autumn Joy'

Anthemis tinctoria "Sauce Hollandaise'
Rosa 'Lykkefund'
Then in the week before Christmas we had snow, making Vancouver briefly part of the Great White North.

It smashed my luxuriant rosemary, but  Mahonia 'Winter Sun' came through unscathed.

So did a ground-hugging Skimmia, although almost submerged in the snow.

Even a few dying seedheads on brittle stems held up well.

That's another reason not to rush the trimming and tidying of these spent blooms. I leave them for the small birds to enjoy and also for the structure they continue to provide when so many plants other plants have collapsed or disappeared for the winter.

By Christmas Day the snow had largely melted and for the remainder of the year we were back to traditional Vancouver weather, i.e. rain interspersed with sunny but cold and clear periods.

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