Thursday, 15 August 2013

Plants still in Pots

After planting Hydrangea serrata 'Waterfall' in the garden last year and watching it sulk, I dug it up and stuck it in a large pot, thinking it might not be everything I had hoped for when I bought it. Perhaps it knew it was under threat, as this summer it has put out some truly pretty flowers. If I can find the right place this time, it's going to be a keeper after all.

I also had a rose cutting that spent last year quietly growing in a dim corner and clothing itself in small, neat, immaculate foliage. Unfortunately, I couldn't remember what it was or where I'd got it. This year, it bloomed with exquisite little pink flowers and I recognised it immediately.

It's called 'Immensée' these days, but I knew it as 'Grouse', one of a series of groundcover roses all with English bird names. As far as I know, I had the only plant in BC, which I had planted in the gravel outside the front gate of our former farm. When we drove by the old place a couple of years ago, it was thriving still, and I snitched a cutting so that I could have it again myself. I have no idea where I can put it in the garden, but I think it might do very well trailing from a larger pot, at least for the time being. One of its parents is 'The Fairy', a compact little plant, but the other is a huge rambler. Considering that plus its official name, it might soon overwhelm even a large pot. We'll see.


Sarah-Jane said...

Beautiful images! Especially the lovely Immensée. You're definitely getting good with your new camera! you know if I could find Immensée down here? I think it's just gorgeous.

Chris Nagy said...

Lovely garden and house renovation. Definitely an inspiration for someone just starting a like journey. Please send me information about the Historical House group in Grandview

Christine Allen said...

Thank you, Chris.

The Grandview Heritage Group meets at 7:00 p.m. every third Thursday in the boardroom at Britannia Community Centre. There's more information on their website at <