Saturday, 29 June 2013

Other People's Gardens, Part 2

Another summer means more garden tours. The East Van Garden Tour this year featured a number of small but ingenious gardens that gave me some new ideas about how to manage limited space.

Unfortunately, late afternoon wasn't the best time of day to photograph this garden, but there's still enough detail to see how cleverly a very narrow space has been planted.

A hedge on the left and a fence on the right leave just enough room for a narrow path and two long strips of predominantly foliage plants. At the far end, a rustic pergola supports a grapevine.

In another narrow space, a paved path leading to a back gate, the gardener ranked pots of assorted ferns alongside the garage, with vines draped above them.

One tiny garden still found nooks for two productive beehives,

... an ornamental birdcage (unoccupied),

a moustachioed statue,

...and this fabulous lily.

Where there was no room for anything but a narrow path, this gardener improvised with a novel window treatment.

Elsewhere, I liked these stepping stones,

...this seat enveloped in greenery,

...a delightful water tank, reminding me of Australia (the gardener is from New Zealand),

...and a lovely royal fern with a convex mirror hung above it to reflect the garden.

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