Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Our neighbourhood

Last year the weather through October was alternately windy and rainy. As a result, leaves didn't remain long on the trees. This year it has been relatively dry and calm, and the fall colour in our neighbourhood and elsewhere has been stunning. Regrettably the maples on our block merely turn brown, but elms on the next street over formed a golden canopy over the cars and a matching carpet under them.

 Also last year, I posted lots of Halloween pictures. This year I'm putting up just one because it is so ambitious: a pirate ship that occupies most of the front yard on a nearby street.

We made a point of walking by on the night itself. In the dimly-lit bow of the ship, a large mechanical spider dropped from the deck level and reeled itself back up. There were various appropriate sound effects. A dry ice machine enveloped the steps to the front door in swirling mist. Children brave enough to reach the front door were greeted by residents dressed in pirate gear brandishing cutlasses...and candy bars. It was all very impressive.

On another theme altogether, I've been noticing a renewed interest in topiary in the Vancouver area. Here's a great example of a living fence not far from my home.

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