Monday, 29 August 2011

More kitchen progress

The last appliance to arrive was the fridge, which was on back order. Fridges are so large that they always dominate a kitchen, but this one is only counter depth so it doesn't jut out into the room and, because it's black, it is more of a background presence than a white or stainless steel model would be. It's also extremely quiet, which has become an important feature to me after our experience with the stove.
The new stove was delivered at the same time, and in this picture is not yet hooked up. It is not quite as elegant as the first one, but it cost a good deal less and it functions without the need for any noisy internal fans. We spent a bit extra to get black enamel oven racks that don't have to be removed when the oven is in cleaning mode, and I'm altogether content with it.

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