Thursday, 9 June 2011

Window trim

For way too long, the living room  bay window has been neglected. Oh, it got new blinds when winter came along and we needed something with insulating properties over those lovely but chilly single panes. But since then, nothing.
It was going to be a fiddly job and so I kept putting it off. Until now.
A bright day means that everything is backlit. Even with Photoshop's help, it's difficult to see how much better the lefthand window looks than the two I haven't got to yet.

 The work was even more fiddly than I anticipated. I'd figured on half a day, followed by half a day in the garden. It took all day!

When I finished, the sun was low on the east wall, and it was almost time for the 6 o'clock news (which is why Michael is sitting there looking expectant.) It is worth it, of course: it's made a big difference to the ambience of the room.

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