Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Brave paving

Michael has begun to pave a path and a small seating area in the backyard. It's slow work because the weather hasn't been cooperating. There's also his desire not to put his back out trundling loads of earth and sand around.

All the same, it is gradually taking shape.

The dark earth is part of a load of soil mix that we shared with some of our neighbours. Once the paving is completed I will spread it around more evenly.

Meanwhile, I've planted sweet peas up against the new wood fence. They are not up yet, but I'm quite proud of my twig trellis ready for them to climb.

The shadow against the fence is from the pallet of pavers stacked in front of it.

There's still a long way to go to make a garden here, but my cheery little 'Minnow' narcissus are blooming. I hadn't realized that they were heliotropic ( ie. they turn their heads south to face the sun.)

And along the front sidewalk, I've put in a row of 'Munstead lavender'. The leaves are not as silvery as 'Hidcote', the other popular variety, but the flower is paler and to my mind a more classic hue.

Although they are tiny plants, they should flower this summer. Eventually, I hope they'll grow together to make a low hedge. The chicken wire that now protects our yard from passing intruders, though practical, is not a pretty sight

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