Tuesday, 9 November 2010

October 31st - Halloween

Our former house on the farm in Langley was on a dead-end road far from our nearest neighbours. The long avenue lined by Lombardy poplars that led from the gate to the front door was unpaved and lit only by the moon. We were never visited by any children at Halloween.
When we left the farm, we lived for three years in Australia where they don't acknowledge Halloween.
This year, our first back in Canada, was going to be the first traditional Halloween we'd experienced in sixteen years.

Sarah Jane and Kaan came over and we all carved pumpkins for the front porch (photos, with 3 exceptions, courtesy of Sarah Jane):

This is Michael's shark pumpkin:

This is Sarah Jane's pumpkin:

This is Kaan's ninja pumpkin:

This is my pumpkin:

We thought we were doing well, until we saw the display that one of our neighbours put on:

Here's one elaborate design in close-up:

This was my favourite:

We refused to dress up, but  Sarah Jane arrived with devil's horns and insisted that we wear them:

Of course we had bought candy to hand out to the trick-or-treaters ...

... but not enough as it turned out.
At least we weren't the only ones who miscalculated.

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