Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Close to Completion

At least on this single, small room. With the floor finished...

...we cleared all the rubbish out of the shower stall and made it usable.

Harvey, our plumber, installed the new low-flush toilet, and a sink on top of the old pine desk we acquired to use as a vanity. It's great to have a plumber  who doesn't think you are quite mad. Harvey just raises an eyebrow at  our plans and then says "We'll make it work." And he does.

Eventually, we'll find  suitable mirror for the wall behind, although the height of the wall means that only I will be able to use it. Michael is too tall.

Michael re-installed the baseboards and I painted the walls. There's that middle drawer on the vanity to shorten (because of the pipes behind) and insert, and some more trim to finish, but it actually feels like a proper bathroom now.

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