Saturday, 24 April 2010

The Grand Unwrapping (continued)

Over the course of the next couple of days, all the stucco came off. The crew told us that it was mostly in excellent condition, and they marvelled at how long and straight the boards of clear cedar were. Passers-by also approved.

On the side and back views, you can see the shape of the original windows. We'll be returning the openings to those dimensions.

Meanwhile, down in the basement, Michael and Glen, our electrician, removed the ceiling of the one finished room to make rewiring easier.

Inside the cavity, they discovered a considerable collection of mouse turds and a few desiccated bodies.

Michael was also spending a lot of his time inside scraping yet more stucco off the ceilings.

Luckily, this cellulose-based material scrapes off easily with warm water, leaving a smooth surface that shouldn't even need sanding.

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Sarah-Jane said...

Yes, you are indeed right about me being glad that the little desiccated bodies are now gone. Sounds to me like you need a cat in this place!!! :)