Sunday, 10 January 2010

South Head

January 7th was a hot day so we thought a walk along the coast would bring us some welcome sea breezes. We drove to South Head, the bluff that forms the southern entrance to Sydney Harbour. Looking outward from here, all you can see is the ocean;

looking inward, through typical Sydney red tile roofs, you can see the famous opera house and the "coathanger", as Sydneysiders affectionately call their bridge.

South Head lighthouse dominates the high ground.

A protective fence around it warns off trespassers in misspelt English. I am collecting quite a portfolio of misspelt official signs in Australia. You would expect government departments to get somebody to proof-read their messages. Wouldn't you?

A short trail leads along the top of the cliffs, providing views south along the coast towards the lighthouse above Bondi Beach

and northwards across the harbour entrance to North Head.

We took full advantage of these opportunities.

The trail passes above the notorious Gap, which used to be a favourite suicide jump for depressed locals.

There have been no recent suicides, but a man was convicted last year of throwing his girlfriend to her death over the fence.

Although the scenery was stunning, breezes were non-existent so we abandoned plans to walk further and retreated to the relative cool of our little house.


Julian Davis said...

Glad to know that you had a great day in sydney...I like all the photographs you have got...Really excellent...

Have a great day!!!
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Anonymous said...

see, this is such a good reason to live in Sydney in my opinion! What a fabulous coastline.
Michael almost succeeds in looking intrepid.