Thursday, 22 January 2009

January bushwalk

This month's bushwalk was on a day that promised to be pretty hot, so we were pleased to find it descending into a cool valley full of tall tree ferns. The trail was very narrow and steep, though, so there was less opportunity for easy conversation, and a lot of slipping and scrambling, particularly on the way back as we used a rocky creekbed as our path. Thanks to rain the night before and the naturally moist conditions, leeches were an unwelcome diversion, especially in the early part of the hike. Most of us discovered them while they were still easy to pull off, but a few of our company needed Jenny's handy salt shaker to dislodge them.

We had lunch on the most level piece of ground available, deep in the shadows. That's Michael on the left in the blue shirt.

When we had time to admire it, the terrain was beautiful.

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