Sunday, 28 December 2008


At last I'm beginning to see an improvement in the front garden here, as perennials I've planted begin to flower.

Eighteen months ago, I was just starting to clear it of weeds and overgrown shrubs. A camellia, a fuchsia and a hydrangea have been cut back, the latter two quite severely, and all three now make an orderly screen between us and the street. Lavender, propagated from cuttings of a very vigorous and healthy one in our neighbourhood, has grown amazingly rapidly into substantial bushes

I've found quite a few of the old favourites that I grew in my Canadian garden, and tucked in herbs and cottage pinks wherever there was enough space. Along the railings, we have a random collection in pots, some loaned by daughter Sarah Jane who has gone to the UAE to teach for a year.

It's by no means finished (are gardens ever finished?), but it's come a long way.

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