Saturday, 17 May 2008

Walk to Lunch Rock

Friday saw us making a rendezvous with our bushwalking group to hike to Lunch Rock. This was not a challenging walk compared with some of the others, although the terrain was less varied: mostly heathland and scrub until we approached our destination.

All the rock formations in the area were dramatic.

Early morning rain had filled hollows in the rock surface, reminding me of coastal tidepools.

Michael, as usual, had brought along his sketchbook. Just below him, my sister-in-law, Judy, is trying to shelter from the stiff breeze sweeping across the plateau.

Below the plateau, the Wollangambe River had cut a deep gorge through the sandstone cliffs.

On our way back, we passed through a gully where this eucalypt was leaning against the cliff face.

And the first of the winter wattles, Acacia terminalis, the sunshine wattle, was just coming into bloom.

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