Monday, 7 April 2008

Another Day, Another Bushwalk

It was Michael's birthday on April 4th and so, with a few sunny hours to spare, we decided to investigate a short track featuring three waterfalls, close to the nearby town of Lawson. It led through a shallow valley carved by the stream that fed the aforesaid falls. We walked up and down steps cut into sandstone rocks, and through bushland where the slender, steely trunks of Mountain ash (Eucalyptus oreades) rose out of carpets of ferns into cool, sundappled air. As we walked we could hear the stream running through undergrowth beside us, though we caught only occasional glimpses through gaps in the scrub.

Our path led us across the base of each waterfall in turn, under dark ironstone shelves of rock, gleaming with the constant sluice of water.

We trudged over soft, pale sand washed out to the margins of pools into which the water fell, and negotiated mossy wooden bridges of decaying wood.

Although it didn't offer the dramatic, cliff-edge views that many trails in the Blue Mountains do, it was shorter and less demanding than most of those, pleasant enough for the time we had available.

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