Sunday, 23 March 2008

Easter daisies

One of the curious things about the different hemispheres of the world is that certain events on the calendar, Easter for instance, occur at the same time around the world, but the seasons are reversed. And thus, what northerners call Michaelmas daisies, or fall asters, become Easter daisies here in Australia.
I've been watching the expanding clump on the corner of our house, guessing from the stem and leaf structure that they might be asters, and wondering what colour they were going to be. As it turns out, a lovely pale sky blue. They remind me quite a lot of one I grew in Canada, acquired from Free Spirit Nursery and named 'Poolicht'. Not a pretty name in English, but it translates as "polar light" which is apt and shows more imagination than the names of many cultivars.
My clump is large enough that I will divide it after flowering and put a matching clump at the other end of the front fence. In the meantime, they give me a chance to experiment with the macro function on my new camera.

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