Friday, 15 February 2008

Valley of the Waters

Yesterday, we joined our bushwalking group for a day's hike in the above-named area. With the breaking of the drought over recent weeks, it lived up to its name with beautiful waterfalls and lush vegetation all along the trails. We climbed steeply down the escarpment, made our way along a narrow trail that traversed a midway point along the cliff face and then tested our leg muscles on the upward climb back to our starting point.

It is amazing how much plant life has been able to secure a foothold and survive in crevices on the sheer rock faces.

This Angophora (a type of eucalyptus that sheds its bark annually as this one is doing now) seems hardly anchored to the ground at all.

Red, yellow, green and slate blue lichens were thriving on many of the boulders that we passed.

See more photos of the scenery on Michael's blog.

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