Saturday, 4 August 2007

Winter Continued

Arriving back in Katoomba after a month of summer in Canada, I'm interested in how many signs of impending spring there are already. Everywhere between Sydney and here, the wattles (Acacia spp.) are in flower. Not the Acacia baileyana in our backyard however. It was planted in an area of full shade at this time of the year, so although it is in bud, there's no fountain of tiny yellow bubbles to look at quite yet. Sunshine and warmer temperatures are forecast for this week, which may spur it into bloom.
A clump of snowflakes has, however, opened in our absence, and there are some narcissus that have sprung up in the vacant lot next door, which I might rescue when they've finished blooming. There are blades of other bulbs in the small front garden. Some I think are going to be hyacinths. We shall see.

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