Monday, 9 April 2007


In Vancouver, you could always be sure that it would rain for the start of the PNE. And it's happening here too, just in time for the start of the Royal Easter Show, a larger version of the same thing, though with still a significant amount of space devoted to agricultural pursuits. The Sydney show includes sheepdog trials, woodchopping competitions (including nowadays a women's race which a U.S. team is favoured to win), and elaborate relief images ,one for each state, composed entirely of fruit and vegetables. The Country Women's Association, a formidable lobby group, holds cake-making competitions, and it's a great honour to win the coveted trophy for best sponge cake.
Meanwhile, here in the mountains, the rain is keeping us indoors much of the time. On Sunday, though, around sunset, it cleared temporarily, allowing us this view of a rainbow over the trees to the east of our house.
Since it's autumn, madonna lilies are blooming, and because they arrive at this time of the year, Australians call them Easter lilies.

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