Monday, 1 January 2007

Centennial Park

With Sydney in a holiday mood, ie. just about everything closed, we went for a walk in nearby Centennial Park. This is one of several large green spaces that function as the lungs of the inner city. There are separate routes throughout the park for cars, cyclists, pedestrians...and a special track for horseriders. You can rent a bicycle or a horse if you don't have your own.
Vast lawns dotted with shade trees comprise most of the space, but there are several small lakes supporting an assortment of ducks, moorhens, ibis, swans, and even a few pelicans.
There's a scruffy rose garden, confirming for me once again how much I dislike hybrid teas planted in mulch, and some spectacular circular beds, like the one above, done in high Victorian style with palms, agaves, phormiums and grasses.

There are a few other borders of flowering shrubs, including the ubiquitous agapanthus and a couple of impressive brugmansias, also known as 'Angel's Trumpets'. There's a close-up of one of them on the left.

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